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"A  Voice of Awakening, from the Light House of New England shall crack open the Salt-Encrusted-Rusty Hinge of the Spiritual Gateway of America, and The Great Awakening shall come!"

Do you have a well researched manuscript? One that you have verified in archival research?

Do you have a revelation of THE LAST AWAKENING?

Do you have an interview manuscript?

Do you want to attend a screenwriter's workshop?

Do you want to attend a writer's workshop?

​​Contact us and we will interview you.

Do you want to work for us? Submit a resume and portfolio. We accept interns too.


Thank you to Shelli's $40 for 40yr Partners. 



Sir Rev. David B Manuel Jr
& his wife/widow;
Lady Dr. Shelli E.Manuel 


David B Manuel Jr was the youngest Double Day editor and a Yale graduate. He wrote 58 books and 12 best-sellers. He ghost wrote books for many famous authors: Katherine Marshall, David Duplesse, Corie Ten Boom, Merlin Carothers, Judson Cornwall, etc.. He taught writing/publishing at Gordon Conwell College Okenaga Institute. He was ordain by H.I.M in Oklahoma in 2009. He was knighted on the English ship the Queen Mary for his literary notoriety and contribution to humanity. David and Jammie Buckingham, & Dan Malachuk founded Logos Publishing.

Dr. Rev. Shelli Manuel (pen names: Sheldon Maxwell or Shelli Baker) is a Ph.D and artist/ film maker, who graduated first in Film Animation at R.I.S.D and as a musican/vocalist at Brown University, going on to accomplished credits at Oxford, Ulpan Akiva, Shalom Theological Seminary, Rhema College, Master Artist of ORU. She is also a best selling author published at Harrison House, New Leaf Press, Broadman & Holman and McDougal Press. - A member at the National Press Club.

Shelli is Celebrating 40 years of ministry in 2018!

A NOTE OF THANKS: The Last Awakening and Once Upon A Prayer books, were property of the  previous publisher , as David had not yet purchased that remaining stock at the time of his passing to heaven. It did not belong to his estate and there was no estate fund to purchase them, which would have been tragic. When the publisher folded, the books were suddenly slated for destruction. God did a miracle! Saved them!  Then Salem Radio stepped forward and purchased them and donated them to the new Awakening Unlimited that Shelli Founded in his honor upon his written out dream of such a last days publishing arm of the ministry. We are deeply grateful. Now his vision and legacy will live on ! Praise God! Right in time for the Last Awakening before our Lord Jesus Comes!

PS all rights are reserved as Shelli, his widow owns all the copyright transfers since 2013.

With Donations to Publish as available for non profit endeavors, we will assist qualified authors in how to  do that in our workshops.

 ALL Books, Tapes, CD/DVD, Art etc on this site are for suggested donations. Not for profit.

(You can give less or more too if you wish. Our aim is to bless. All inventory here   was donated with designation to offer for "suggested donation" .    Those donations are donated to non profits. Praise God! )

759 CJC Hwy 272,
Cohasset, MA 02025

We’re committed to help qualified authors to publish books that inspire us toward the GREAT AWAKENING of the end of the age. We will provide books that teach our children how to hold on to the truths of our forefathers from the First  Great Awakening that birthed this mighty End Time nation of America.



Committed to providing you excellent resources on our Christian/Judaic American Heritage and THE AWAKENING.


The last spiritual words of David Manuel on the day he passed to heaven April 5th 2016 were; "This is what America needs; Teams of 4 or more to pass of the baton of prayer one to another 24/7 like marathon runners in a race. Fasting 21 days, no 27 day! That is the pressure the intercessors need, to birth the Awakening America needs now!"


HEARShelli Sing the Bicentennial Arrangement of the National Anthem, as you have never heard it before! A full 4 octave range!Type your paragraph here.