ALL Books, Tapes, CD/DVD, Art etc on this site are for suggested donations. Not for profit.

(You can give less or more too if you wish. Our aim is to bless. All inventory here   was donated with designation to offer for "suggested donation" .    Those donations are donated to non profits. Praise God! )

759 CJC Hwy 272,
Cohasset, MA 02025
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WHO Recommends these books?

On their TV Shows, Web? Bookstores? Conferences?

Victory Christian Center, Rhema Bible College, Prayer Mountain of the Ozarks, End Time Handmaiden/Servants, Family Research Counsel, TBN, DAYSTAR, SALEM RADIO, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Dutch Sheets Ministries, WallBuilders/David Barton, MovieGuide, Bill Federer, Lou Engles, New Testament Church, ROCK CHURCH, AMERICA FOR JESUS, UNITED CRY DC, Larry Tomsack, Doug Springer, Lewis Hogan, Mike Berry, Jim Cacooza, Anne Geminez, US Chaplain of the Senate, and many many more......



"A  Voice of Awakening, from the Light House of New England shall crack open the Salt-Encrusted-Rusty Hinge of the Spiritual Gateway of America, and The Great Awakening shall come!"