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"A  Voice of Awakening, from the Light House of New England shall crack open the Salt-Encrusted-Rusty Hinge of the Spiritual Gateway of America, and The Great Awakening shall come!"

VOICE MAGAZINE: Jo Sherrill Centerfold article about

Once Upon A Prayer, entitled: Pencil in Hand.

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INVITE Dr Shelli Manuel to do a Listening to God Workshop. click the CONTACT US Button on the menu above.


Have a happy moment today: Close your eyes and listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjgToqH-tHc

DAVID MANUEL: "What if you could hear God in your heart...and carry on a dialogue with Him. Would it change your life?

From the Foreword by John Sherrill: "I'd never known our friend David Manuel to be so emphatic. My wife Tib and I had climbed up to his lighthouse studio overlooking Cape Code bay. But David, we quickly learned, hadn't invited us up there for the view. "I want to show you something new," he said. "A new way to pray."

On THis Sunday Morning DO YOU TAKE TIME TO LISTEN? In your heart? For the Voice of God? The Holy Spirit? Direction? Repentance? Warning? Blessing? Do you WALK & TALK with God? CAN WE? TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO WATCH: Journal and Pen in Hand!


This video is very foggy for a tiny square on a website, but the message is magnified and animated here as David is interviewed on GLOBAL TV DAYSTAR about his wonderful inspiring WORKSHOPS and book: ONCE UPON A PRAYER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHG1CvVFKZs

BUT PLEASE ORDER THE BOOK DIRECTLY FROM SHELLI: 7724 South Evanston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136 $15.00 includes SH

See the article about this book and David's workshop in GUIDE POST MAGAZINE with former editor: Joe Sherrill. Please write a post if you like this book or the youtube workshop. Did it help your prayer life? Or visit the kindle link, even if you do not buy the book, and after hearing the workshop give the topic a review. There are none on the page yet and yours will help others enjoy this in their churches too. THanks. Love to all, Shelli Jones Baker Manuel 

WRITE A REVIEW: awakening_unlimited@yahoo.com


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